Todd M. Johnson

Todd M. Johnson

The Barrister and the Letter of Marque

As a barrister in 1819 London, William Snopes defends the poor against the powerful—but that changes when a struggling heiress arrives at his door with a mystery surrounding a missing letter from the king’s regent and a merchant’s brig. As he digs deeper, he learns that the forces arrayed against them are even more powerful than he’d imagined.

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Todd M. Johnson has taken his over 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer to infuse his books with thrills and twists, be it in the streets of his own Minnesota or the dark alleyways of historical London.

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With its dizzyingly twisty, engrossing plot, Johnson’s latest legal thriller is a perfect match for fans of John Grisham and Robert Whitlow.
Library Journal on Fatal Trust
Johnson writes vividly . . . with an irresistible setup.
Publishers Weekly on The Deposit Slip
Expertly written, this novel moves easily from disbelief to full acceptance of the mysterious deposit. Not the type of novel where you can figure out what will happen next – this author was always several steps ahead of the reader. I would like to read whatever he writes next.
Gina O. on The Deposit Slip